UH2C CORPORATE FILM – September 2021

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Created in 1975, the Hassan II University of Casablanca has 18 establishments, 128,346 students, nearly 1,150 administrative and technical staff, about 2,304 teacher-researchers.

Furthermore, UH2C has currently 397 initial training courses and 229 continuous training courses, thus guaranteeing a very broad quality interdisciplinary field, and an intellectual development that lives up to the aspirations of its students.

Different Poles consolidate and complete the current positioning of the University by efforts developed for the benefit of UH2C students. This positioning is based on a global and major development strategy entitled “5i”, namely:

• I-governance
• Innovation
• Insertion
• Internationalisation
• and Inclusion

To guarantee excellence, these “5i” remain the master plan of UH2C during the period 2019-2023. This directive ensured digital leadership at the national level. Indeed, UH2C was the first University to opt for digital transformation as a pivot for development.

For UH2C, digitalisation is considered as highly strategic axis. Actually, countless transformational actions have been implemented in this sense, in particular:
The dematerialisation of certain administrative services and procedures, the electronic signature solution for example, setting up a WiFi coverage, accessibility to quality distance education thanks to the qualified and trained teaching staff, and classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

In addition, UH2C launched “LOGHATE”, a foreign language learning portal for the benefit of all parts of the University.

“Coursera”, another portal that delivers online training provided by UH2C for free to everyone.

Ultimately, it is about responding as best as possible to real needs of students, administrative staff, teachers and visitors in order to improve their quality of daily life on UH2C University Campuses.

UH2C adopts a new approach more oriented towards the conservation of the world’s environment.

A first set of solar panels have already been installed at all UH2C Establishments. As of now, this installation of photovoltaic panels generates more than 1 megawatts of electrical power.

By opting for green energy, this structuring project should make it possible to achieve considerable savings related to energy consumption.

Furthermore, an advanced irrigation system based on drip irrigation by a solar pumping has been set up.

Once again, the goal of this green transformation is to bring comfort and quality of life to all users of the University’s campuses.

UH2C wants to be an inclusive University. A real active, voluntary and committed player.

Concerned about its students, especially those with disabilities, it strives to improve their quality of life through inclusive actions. In fact, accessibility for people with disabilities has been made easier by means of inclined ramps.

The University works for equal opportunities for all. For this to happen, Student Learning Centers with free access will soon be set up within each UH2C Establishment. these will be equipped with computers and Internet access.

Thus, UH2C aims to provide solutions to make their student life more enjoyable. In reality, it is about finding alternative measures and helping those most in need.