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A group of researchers from Hassan II University of Casablanca has succeeded in inventing a revolutionary robotic system intended to the automatic extraction of scorpion venom.
This group of researchers is made up as follows:

• Mr. Mouad MKAMEL, PhD Student
• Prof. Anass KETTANI, Thesis Director
• Prof. Omar TANANE, Thesis Co-director
• Prof. Rachid SAÏLE, Head of the Laboratory of Biology and Health of the Faculty of Sciences, Ben M’Sik – UH2C

Using a network of automated conveyors and an extraction plant, the collection of venom is carried out on the basis of an electrical shock tailored to each species of scorpion. It is a pneumatic and vibratory system facilitating the recovery of the droplets of venom which fall into a filling station.

P.S. This robotic system ensures a fully automatic process without manual intervention by the operator.

This innovation is arousing considerable commercial interest to several stakeholders nationally and internationally, including venom farmers and industrial establishments.

Venom scorpion is one of the most expensive venoms in the world. It is used as an active ingredient in the manufacture of drugs and cosmetics, as well as production of antivenom.

“My goal is to make scorpion venom a national heritage like phosphate.”

Mr. Mouad MKAMEL

• PhD Student at the Faculty of Sciences, Ben M’Sick – UH2C
• Inventor of the VES Pro prototype
• Author of the book «Scorpions Guide of Morocco»

“VES Pro is an unprecedented innovation that allows, at the same time, to excite up to 32 scorpions of the same type, and this, by an adapted electric shock to obtain their venom without harming their health.”

Prof. Anass KETTANI

• Thesis Director
• Vice-President: In charge of Integration, Entrepreneurship and Partnership at UH2C

“Today, the challenge for our University is not only to do Scientific Research, but also to be able to make technology transfer to companies.”
Prof. Omar TANANE

• Thesis Co-director
• Task Officer: In charge of Scientific Research Valorisation and Technology Transfer at UH2C

“Our University attaches great importance to any type of Scientific Research in order to face the various problems, and to respond to the evolving needs and requirements of our society.”

Prof. Rachid SAÏLE

• Head of the Laboratory of Biology and Health
• Vice-President : In charge of Scientific Research and Cooperation at UH2C

“We have increased the annual budget allocated to Scientific Research by 40% in order to create a more favorable environment and to encourage our PhD students to forge an international profile.”

Prof. Mohammed TALBI

• Interim President of Hassan II University of Casablanca (UH2C)
• Dean of the Faculty of Sciences, Ben M’Sick – UH2C

Hassan II University of Casablanca holds a patent of the scorpion venom extraction system (VES Pro), issued by the Moroccan Office of Industrial and Commercial Property (OMPIC). This patent is registred under number: MA 48 236 B1, and released on November 30, 2021.


The work ‘SCORPIONS GUIDE OF MOROCCO’ represents an appreciable and very useful contribution in the field of scorpionic venom and its medicinal and cosmetic uses. In addition, it contains, among other things, a mapping of the various types of scorpions in Morocco.